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RKD Systems Ultra Prep III

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UltraPrep III is designed to perform in-package die thinning and polishing, along with special machining functions for sample preparation. Die thinned and polished by the UltraPrep III are suitable to all back side procedures because of the near uniform finished silicon thickness. It can also remove heat spreaders and heat sinks, and the removal of plastic and die attach material to expose die in plastic packages. It provides an easy to use solution for total back-side device preparation. The UltraPrep III is a small, specially designed, CNC machining system controlled through a graphic user interface that allows for the operator to select the desired function and enter the key device measurements.
Automatic tool touch-down and profiling functions coupled with video alignment make setting up on a device fast and easy. There is no need to level any device as the UltraPrep III will accurately profile the die surface and then move the tool according to the stored surface contour. This allows for thickness uniformity on die that are not flat or warped.
Once a device has been processed, all process parameters can be saved as a recipe with up to 125 recipes can be saved. A unique fixturing system allows for removing the device being processed for cleaning or inspection without either re-mounting or re-aligning the device.


  • Fast, easy set up – Including video alignment
  • Four point die alignment is available to eliminate rotational errors
  • Simple operator interface with full process programmability
  • System automation of thinning and polishing processes
  • Programmable depth accurate to +/- 1µm.
  • Removable sample holders – allows removal without re-mounting or aligning
  • Contour tool path for grinding, lapping and polishing
  • No leveling required during mounting or on the machine
  • Minimal final thickness variation (< +/- 5 µm.) of thinned die
  • Manual input of measured sample thickness for precise thickness control
  • Fast and simple removal of heat spreaders, encapsulant and die attach pads
  • Available and inexpensive tooling
  • Small footprint – takes little bench space
  • Near zero down force during die thinning


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