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Hitachi TM4000 Tabletop SEM Series

Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.

Hitachi’s TM Series Tabletop SEMs offer enhanced image quality with superior contrast. With an intuitive interface, integrated EDX, proprietary detector technology, low vacuum and atmospheric imaging modes, Hitachi’s Tabletop SEMs deliver data quickly for a wide range of applications. With thousands of systems installed worldwide Hitachi Tabletop SEMs are a proven favorite.

TM4000Plus features:

  • 10x~100,000x (Microscope magnification)
  • 25x – 250,000x (Monitor display magnification)
  • 3 Accelerating Voltages – 5kV, 10kV, 15kV
  • 4 Beam current settings for each accelerating voltage
  • 6 Scan Rates
  • Patented Low Vacuum Secondary Electron Detector (UHV Detector)
  • High Sensitivity 4-Segment Backscatter Detector
  • BSE Imaging Modes: Standard, Shadow, Topo.
  • Mixed SE and BSD imaging
  • 3 Vacuum modes – Conductor, Standard, Charge reduction
  • Auto:  start, focus and brightness
  • sample size 80mm diameter
  • sample thickness 50 mm
  • Stage travel: 40mm x 35 mm (X,Y)
  • Image sizes up to 2,560 x 1,920 pixels stored

TM Series Features:

  • Automatic self-regulating variable pressure vacuum system.
  • Dedicated 4-quadrant, high sensitivity solid state backscatter detector
  • Accommodates both large and tall samples: up to 80mm in diameter, 50mm height
  • 35 mm stage travel in both X and Y axes
  • EDX (EDS) detector geometry from either Oxford or Bruker (10mm2 or 30mm2)
  • Manual, motorized, stages available.
  • Sample insertion to data acquisition and report generation in just minutes

Training and service performed on-site

Report Creator

  • Select images and a template to generate customized reports quickly and efficiently.
    (Supported formats: Microsoft Word®, Excel®, Power Point)

High-Sensitivity, Low-Vacuum SE Detector (TM4000Plus)

The TM4000Plus is equipped with a high-sensitivity low-vacuum SE detector that enables imaging of secondary electron information to be obtained through the detection of excited photons.

Detection Signals – TM 4000

  • Backscattered electron detection (4- quadrant solid state detector)
  • Secondary electron detection (proprietary) UHV detector that operates in both normal and low vacuum modes
  • Mixed signal detection (secondary + backscattered combination images) providing un equaled sample topography with Z contrast information based on BSE imaging

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