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Hitachi map 3D

Surface Imaging and Analysis Software

Hitachi map 3D© is a unique surface analysis software solution based on the highly acclaimed Mountains© software from Digital Surf, and is only available to Hitachi customers.

  • Hitachi map 3D© enables you to generate 3D surfaces and volumetric reconstructions from 1, 2 or 4 images from your Hitachi SEM. The 2- and 4-image reconstructions can be calibrated to maximize the amount of quantifiable data in the dataset.
  • Hitachi map 3D© also performs grain size analysis, multi-point line profiles, image stitching, easy colorization, co-localization of images from multiple microscopes, and much more.
  • Hitachi map 3D’s© metrology features conform to ISO and ASME standards and are based on Digital Surf’s long running expertise in the field.

Examples of Software Features

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