Beyond Problems, to Solutions.

Why name a company Left Coast Instruments?

If you look at a map of the United States, we are located on the far left side – on Californias Central Coast.

We didn’t name our company just because we are located on the left side of a map, but because the left coast has always attracted those who have a driving need for excellence.

A need to explore, to question and to challenge themselves and others to create something better; to make a positive difference, an impact. People came to the left coast because they wanted to do things differently rather than be constrained by traditional values and standards. They came to follow their dreams and to make them reality.

The founders Left Coast Instruments, Inc. have over 75 years of Marketing, Sales and Product Application experience.

They envisioned a company that offers advanced technologies and services to Customers worldwide through our Distributors and Partners.

In keeping with this spirit, Left Coast Instruments offers exceptional products from innovative Manufacturers who understand and express that drive – for creating the best.

We are committed to providing outstanding technical sales support to both these Manufacturers and to our Customers across the globe through our network of experienced, professionals who all share the same core principle – a commitment to excellence.

Left Coast Instruments – beyond problems, to solutions

See you on the Left Coast!

Our worldwide Distributor and Partner network offers unequaled technical support for you, and for all of our customers.