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Welcome to the Left Coast!

Left Coast Instruments offers a wide range of unique, advanced instrumentation for semiconductor sample preparation.

Our innovative range of products have applications in many areas, including 
Research & Development, Failure Analysis, PC Board rework and in a wide range of applications.

Our products serve Semiconductor, including Failure Analysis, Reliability, QA/QC; Nanotechnology; Materials Sciences; MEMS; Polymer Chemistry; Bio-Medical Engineering; Biophysics.

Our advanced technology products include:

  • Die thinning and polishing that uses predictive look-ahead software to correct for die warp and contour anomalies in single and multi-dice packaging – ULTRAPREP
  • High Precision, high speed milling system to remove IC packages from either a PC board or a chip onFlex while keeping the ball bonds intact.  High precision die thinning and polishing down to less than a micron. The ability to measure remaining silicon thickness to 0.5 microns and does everything that the UltraPrep does only faster and with higher precision – OMEGAPREP
  • TM series tabletop SEM, from Hitachi High-Technology – TM-4000, TM-4000Plus
  • The Tabletop SEM that combines high resolution resolution with precise control of vacuum pressure for unmatched results and ease of use – FlexSEM 1000
  • Turn your TM or FlexSEM into a STEM using the UVD-STEM holder – TM STEM Solution
  • EDS Analysis: AZTEC from Oxford Instruments – EDS Analysis
  • EDS Analysis:  Quantax from Bruker Instruments– EDS Analysis

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