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Nanophoton Corporation (Osaka, Japan) is expanding marketing and sales of their Raman microscopy products overseas.

Nanophotons President, Dr. Rinto Nakahara forecasts a significant growth in the global market; with sales forecast to triple by 2012.

"Our foundations are now well established in the Japanese market where design superiority, product quality and guaranteed system performance specifications continue to outstrip our competitors on all fronts. It is now time to expand internationally."

The Nanophoton family of distributors continues to grow, providing comprehensive worldwide marketing, sales and product support; and to meet these growing demands, Nanophoton Corporation has expanded by adding staff to support Applications, Field Sales, Marketing and Service.

Nanophotons flagship product, Raman-11 is a confocal Raman Microscope that rapidly generates spatially resolved high-resolution chemical images from samples at any laser frequency. The Raman-11 provides information on chemical distribution, composition, and structure through the capture and analysis of Raman scattering emitted from an irradiated sample micro-volume.

The Nanophoton Raman-11 microscope offers ultra-fast Raman measurement and imaging that is enabled by a patented linear laser irradiation design that eliminates the need for slow, automated sample stage movement. By eliminating the requirement for sample movement relative to the laser beam it is now possible for the first time to achieve extremely fast imaging of live biological cells as the problem of vibration of cells in culture is eliminated. Total laser power incident (dose) on the sample is radically reduced using Nanophotons patented line scanning technology. What Nanophoton can achieve in minutes their competitors require hours.

Founded by Professor Satoshi Kawata, an internationally recognized expert in Applied Physics, Nanophoton is a venture company from Osaka University in Japan. Dr. Kawata is currently chairman of Nanophoton Corporation.

Dr. Kawata's areas of expertise in near field nano-optics, biomedical photonics and photo-fabrication bring a wealth of technological and theoretical strengths to Nanophoton Corporation.

Dr. Rinto Nakahara recently characterized Nanophoton Corporations philosophy and goals most succinctly with the comment -

"With the most advanced technology in the industry we are aiming for the top"

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June 2, 2014